Edmonton Quarterly Market Update

10 signs the Alberta economy is improving. Putting everything into context given over a year of negative publicity due to falling oil prices and its not so bad as prices have made a small increase both year over year and from the previous month plus the number of sales is about average and is on par with 2009 (hmmm... 7 year Real Estate Cycle...more on that later). You can download the full report and look at the numbers yourself or you can watch the video for a quick summary but in short, even though there are some positive signs out there, there are many factors which influence the economy and the local Real Estate market so stay tuned for further updates.
Does the price of oil effect Real Estate prices here in Edmonton? the short answer is no. Below the video you will see a graph I put together so you can clearly see there is no relationship.

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"Hi Selena & Andy, On behalf of Ali and myself, we would like to thank and appreciate all the effort that you put in to make our experience delightful. We highly appreciate the transparency, honesty and guidance that you have provided throughout this process specially considering that we were new to Edmonton market. I second every word what Sid mentioned in his email, I would add to it a little in couple of words. "Truly exceptional service". We look forward to working with you in future as well. Thx,"
Ali & Sid